In the beginning,

One Block Over is the culmination of a dream both Lynn and Kristi had.  Like
many passionate quilters, they longed to be able to help others create and grow
with their quilting.  Dreams do come true.   We opened our doors October 1, 2004.  

We laugh about how our name came to be.  Our Realtor, who is always into
"location, location, location", was helping us brainstorm a suitable name.  He blurted
out, "One Block Over -since you are one block over from the highway".  He didn't
know how important a "block" is to a quilter.  Since then, we have had a lot of fun
with our name.  We constantly get the "I don't need to know where you are, but
what your company name is", from vendors.  And, we hate to admit it, but more
than once we have had customers drive up, see our sign and get back into the car
to drive around the block.  We just love that they come in and share the tale with us
when they realize that they were at the right spot to begin with.

Education is our bag.  Both of us are teachers.  We specialize in helping our
customers with any and all problems.  When someone tells us that they are a
handful and will ask a lot of questions or require extra help, we just laugh and say
that we both use to teach middle schoolers.   Kristi taught home economics for 22
years, has a Master's Degree from UW in textiles, has been sewing since the age of
6. Kristi has been longarm quilting for 17years.  Lynn substitute taught in Middle and
High school (substitute teachers are as precious as gold to regular teachers) has
two Bachelor's Degrees in Journalism and English Education, and has taught quilting
for 23 years.  

The story continues

On January 1, 2018, Kristi retired and Lynn, brave soul that she is, is continuing the
patchwork journey called One Block Over.

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